Thursday, June 16, 2011

Entry #1 What I Did On My Summer Vacation

It has been two months since my studio was flooded out of the downstairs. Two months of my collections and supplies being boxed up, and stacked up, awaiting a new home.  I have not been myself. I am twitchy. Crocheting is not doing the trick. It took me a few weeks to learn how to make lemonade from these particular lemons. I finally realized it is the perfect time to begin a series that I have been pondering for a while. I am not sure what to call it but “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” is a good working title. Here is the plan – I go out hunting and gathering on the weekend, or during the week depending on the weather.  I gather a few items that may or may not seem related. I make art with just those items. I then move on to the next gathering phase for the next piece or pieces. I want to do something that has parameters and structure. I want to challenge myself in this way.

Here are my guidelines/rules:
-gather the parts/collection
-get as many materials as possible for free or cheap
-photograph the parts/collection before using them
-make something out of the parts/collection
-photograph the piece(s) when complete
-I do not have to complete one piece before gathering for the next, but do have to keep materials for each batch separate. One piece may take several weeks to complete and one might take one day.
-this rule may change
-for that matter any of the rules may change
-I cannot use other materials I have around even if they seem like the perfect addition – I must stick to the materials gathered for that piece(s)
-I can use basic ingredients that I already have like background paper, mat board, glue, thread, scissors etc.

When I had pondered this series previously there was a photographic component to it. I am not sure where this will come in yet. I had envisioned documenting the yard sale where the parts came from and perhaps the seller if he/she is willing. This aspect may need to wait.

I have gathered three batches already and almost completed the first grouping of art from the first batch. It has been interesting to see how items that are like-minded seem to appear on a given gathering phase. Or am I just noticing those items because I have decided to go a certain way with the collection?

And so I begin it.

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