Thursday, June 23, 2011

Entry #5 What I Did On My Summer Vacation - Anti-Oxident Art

Anti-Oxident Art

I have gathered some more intriguing parts, but for the time being I am continuing to work with the coffee filters. I dyed some more with tea and also dyed a batch with pomegranate juice. I looooove the color they came out. I am making another yo-yo piece with the pink ones and will post it when it is finished. Meanwhile I am enjoying the way they look while drying. I like to use old things as tools and implements whenever possible when making art, and these antique bottles were just the ticket for drying the little coffee filter discs. In the pomegranate coffee filter photo my boxed-up studio can be seen slightly out of focus in the background. It is a little out of focus for now, but that is ok.

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