Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gathering Winooski 7/5/2012

This week's explorations involved the usual strange array of materials. I mentioned in a previous post some experiments I was doing with drawing and stamping on inkjet printer ribbon cartridges to make multiple mysterious markings. I got a quantity of unused ribbons for free so I felt that I could try whatever came into my mind. I created several of these prints on cloth. The completed prints seemed to need another layer of equally skitchy marks. I created this layer with embroidery, using a nice thick, perky thread, rather than embroidery floss, because I like the way it sits on the surface with a certain presence. This kind of thread, especially in black, always reminds me of suturing thread - perfect for mending what ails you. I worked on these pieces in wooden embroidery hoops which I then used for display.

It was only after I completed one of these pieces that I made the connection to the serendipitous meeting with Sister Marie Charlotte at the nun’s yard sale a couple of weeks ago. These  works in the round are very reminiscent of cross section scenes as viewed under a microscope. You can read more about this in my previous post –

For another series I used a metallic yarn that I got at this same retired nun’s yard sale glued to cast off cardboard to create a printing block.  I then inked the plate with water- based printing ink and a rubber brayer, and printed it on a variety of papers. I was quite pleased by the simplicity of the technique and the final prints.

I am finding this way of working so refreshing and relaxing. The spontaneity and simplicity of the materials and techniques gives my mind, body, and soul a respite.

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