Monday, July 23, 2012

Gathering Winooski 7/14/12

Gathering Winooski 7/14/12

A great turn out last Thurs. night made the little mini-studio in residence hum with conversation, and laughter. So grateful to all those who stopped by.

 I feel like I have traded roles this summer with my students as I experiment with the simple found materials and projects reminiscent of my preschool teaching gig. The little studio is filling up with art and I like the way it is coming together as a whole. I am thinking of bringing in a vintage folding screen with fabric or paper on it to create more display space.

I gathered a stack of New Yorker magazines last week. I thought using them for collage would be more of a challenge than using something known for wonderful photographic illustrations such as National Geographic, Martha Stewart, or Vogue. It turns out they are fantastic for the kinds of collage I had in mind.

The advertisements and illustrations, when torn or cut in small pieces, provide an extensive palette of colors and textures. I created one series with torn pieces, glued to patterned backgrounds from old wallpaper sample books. I am working on a second series now where each edge of each piece is cut with scissors. The second series is my first foray into paper crazy quilts.  After all the pieces are glued in place, I am drawing little stitch lines with a fine point marker along each join to simulate the hand stitching of a crazy quilt. I plan to make some more elaborate drawn embroidery marks as well.

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