Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Record Deal Update

Update on my "record deal". It has been a most interesting process. Early on I met several times with the talented musician(we will call him S.) who requested my art work for his cd cover. I listened to a cd of rough cuts to familiarize myself with the tunes, themes, and mood of the album. Luckily I really liked the music and was inspired.  I then began my artistic exploration to come up with a technique and imagery that would fit the bill. As is often the case I became obsessive about the trials and have worked an insane number of hours trying to get something that resonated with me for this particular piece. The back and forth with S. was most stimulating, both in person and via email. It has been a challenging and satisfying process. I am nearing the end of my time line and the end of my explorations, and soon will send along several finished works for S. to choose from. Then the piece will go on to the photographer to be shot, and then on to the graphic designer who will put the whole package together. As with every new project I have learned a great deal about a variety of new techniques that I can utilize in my own art work in the future. I came up with a whole new wacky and wonderful photo set up to create imagery, but I cannot divulge it at this time. Until the piece is done the entire project is a bit hush hush.
Bond - J. Bond signing off

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  1. That's very exciting news! Can't wait to see the finished product.